Although not always the best area for these old eyes of mine, but so calming along with the mantra of pushing and pulling my threads through the fabric. I enjoying stitching outside. while I have a fire in the fireplace! My favorite spot is in my sewing room in my favorite chair. The winner will be randomly drawn and announced on Monday morning, when the next give-away in the series takes place. With the foot up there is room for a dog and my lap will hold a cat. I can sit with my husband and chat in the evening after work. Reasonable lighting, but don’t have a lot of my stuff quite as handy. I have a very comfortable platform rocker and footstool and floor stand. I sit in a recliner in my livingroom with good light from the front window and an Ott light. The combination of soft but strong sunlight with the calming sound of a waterfall is specially conducive to creating this delicate art. I also enjoy stitching while sitting in the back of my daughters dance class, it’s amazing how much you can get done in an hour. My favorite place to stitch is on the sofa in our living room. Butterflies and dragonflies flitter about; sometimes a dragonfly will land on me to inspect my stitching no doubt. My favorite stitching spot is an old armchair I have tucked in a corner. Merry Christmas Mary. I’d love to stitch from it. THanks so much Mary and Happy Holidays!!! Another lovely giveaway! My favorite stitching spot is my sewing nook on the second floor of our house. I have a lovely garden to look out on during the day but usually stitch there at night with the TV on in the background. There are several types of lighting available, and a magnifier too, should one be necessary for my old eyes. Such a peaceful way to start or end a day! My favorite stitching spot? I share my home with my daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters. My stitching spot is the living room couch, in front of TV that has either a British mystery show or NCIS playing on it, with my Ott light and all my special stitching tools to my left, and at least one small dog under my right elbow! The chair is draped with a fabulously thick pelt from one of our Romney rams. I have a rocking recliner with an Ott light by it. If I had to do things over I wouldn’t bother with the pull out couch in my sewing room and instead opt for a super comfie chair. Yes, she does let me stitch and very rarely looks interested in the thread going in and out! I designed this sewing and embroidery studio when we built our new home. My favourite stitching spot is in a chair in one corner of our living room. We take holidays in our old camper van and frequently visit Cornwall to a campsite on the cliff top overlooking the ocean. My favourite spot to sit and stitch my current project is in our sunroom, in a big old recliner chair. My favorite stitching spot is in a little chair that used to be my dads next to a south facing window surrounded by my current projects and those to come. I am abundantly inspired by her joy of discovery and begin looking forward to our next stitching adventure the moment I leave her house after each stitching session. It doesn’t matter the time of year, as the garden always looks lovely. My favourite spot is on the end of my couch near the window. I have a comfy, warm corner in my bedroom where I love to stitch – nice natural light, and room for my supplies, coffee and cat. My favourite place to stitch is in my back room in the early morning sun. Please leave your comment below, on this article on Needle ‘n Thread. At home I enjoy stitching while watching(listening to) sports on TV. Maybe someday! It is fairly quiet and easy to concentrate when I am home alone. Though the hard dining chair isn’t as cushy as the typical armchair, my go-to indoor stitching spot is in the dining area, which gets marvelous light from a big NE-facing window overlooking the jungle that is currently my back yard. My favorite stitching spot is the corner of my couch. On the left over my shoulder is a standing lamp that I can angle to get the best light on my project. All at the same time. Since I live alone, I’ve turned it into a needlework room. I have a laptop on that table that is hooked up directly to the house router and I watch videos and TV while stitching. My Pride of India tree which is in bloom at the moment is right outside and I can hear the birds chattering and singing outside and splashing in the bird bath. Heaven on earth!!! I sit at this table because I have great lighting and a magnifier light installed on my desk. I love this blackwork. Thank you for sharing the information on the book. I think it draws her in to learn with me, just as your website enlightens my day. The daylight is good but my lamp shines over my left shoulder in the evening. Wild turkey, deer, possums. My favorite stitching spot is in my living room next to a roaring fire. I know that my daughter, who is an artist herself, would also be fascinated by how artistically applied Jen’s designs and techniques emulate the lines that an artist creates using paint, pencil or ink. My favorite stitching spot is on my couch. I do most of my stitching in my computer room. My favorite stitching spot is my corner of the couch. The best stitching spot is in our little back room- French Doors open to our garden and get the early morning sun, there’s a south window for brightness but filtered with a uv blind, my lamps and magnifiers are there, a variety of comfortable chairs, a thick rug and lots of shelves and a big table. My favorite stitching spot is in my tv room in the recliner with my bright lights around me. My favorite spot at this time…In my recliner with a bright light over head (as it is in my living room). I find this is the best for stitching. I love blackwork especially (along with all of forms of needlework) and have enjoyed your blog ever since my daughter introduced me to it. A Stitcher’s Christmas #10: Embroidery Books Galore from Search Press! Lunch is provided at no charge but we do make donations to keep the electricity on and provide basic needs (paper towels, toilet paper, bottled water, napkins, plates, etc.). Sheer bliss. I can listen to music or books and look outside at the same time. Favorite stitching spot is on the sofa while watching movies. Currently my favorite stitching spot is outside at our picnic table. The light is bright there. I can glance up at the TV or look out the window. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Favorite spot: on the sofa listening to a book on CD. Thanks Mary for the Christmas giveaways. Now my back feels rested after stitching. Morning Mary I like to stitch on my couch with a bright light over my shoulder. It’s an absolute do-not spot for those of us whom are being careful with our work. I have a nice floor stand to bring the work up in front of me, and try to do a little each day. I sit in the living room by my husband. My favorite place to stich is in my living room in my recliner. A form of counted thread work, Blackwork emphasises shading contrasts that are possible working with a single thread of color. My favorite place to stitch and knit is in my office with a book on tape. My little dog sits at my side, my husband is near by in his chair. My Dad’s old La-Z-Boy recliner fits right into either corner of the windowed south facing wall of my home. My favourite stitching spot is my HUGE recliner chair in the living room! $14.59. I enjoy my stitching times there. I have all my necessary equipment there; floor stand, stella table lamp and dazor magnifier. This environment brings me a lot of joy. Hi, I can set up my tablet and watch movies, stitch, and sip my tea which I keep at a social distance my my stitching – I’m a well-known klutz! Thanks for the wonderful give aways that you are providing for us! I do art that sort of looks like that, except I do thousands of dots with a black pen. I have natural light plus a daylight lamp for darker times that has octopus arms with a magnifier and clip for patterns. My favorite stitching spot is anywhere I can grab some time with my current project and a good light. In the winter, in front of the fireplace with one of my cats by my side. My favorite stitching spot is in my bedroom. Merry Christmas. I have one blackwork pattern that I’ve yet to get to, but I’ve always found it intriguing. the second spot for things like beading and precise marking is my desk and straight back chair. We travel to remote areas and see the prettiest scenery. Thank you Mary, and have a wonderful holiday. Hi Mary, My favourite place to sew is sitting by my triple windows looking out on my birdfeeders. In the afternoon and evening, I’ll sit in the recliner facing the TV, which I will glance at from time to time. I love to stitch on my comfortable Lounger with all my lights and tools near me in a cabinet. Those will be sent to Teresa Heuster. I have my floor light setup and a small table with essentials next to the chair. I also have my water, hot tea, and a few projects, always more than one or two. When the weather is good enough, my favourite stitching spot is in our summerhouse listening to the birds singing and generally enjoying nature. I love blackwork. I have a stitching area with my stash nearby and my dogs hanging out with me. I can watch an old movie on TCM or Hallmark Christmas movies or Zoom with fellow stitchers. If per chance I sit to hand sew during the day, the easiest spot is in my sewing room at one of the tables where I have access to all the necessary tools for whatever project I’m currently working on. I love to stitch in my garden, weather permitting, or by my picture window facing my garden. My favorite place is my desk with computer with audio books, lectures, concerts and all other goodies in it, some books about embroidery on the table, a cup of green tee and me with my frame. I’m posting this again as I obviously didn’t finish reading the directions. Stitching at my small kitchen table is where I seem to get most of my pieces done. Then I have a small swivel rocker by the bookcase with all my stitching tools, threads, reference books, and a Dazor lamp within reach, and tv, network, and music all available. It has lots of lighting, a comfortable chair (where my cat sits on the back, while I stitch) and room for my pattern, stitching tools, etc. Thanks for the info and opportunity. We stitch together usually once or twice a week, and I teach her all kinds of different types of embroidery, design, wool applique, and quilting techniques. My favorite stitching place is on my back deck in the sunshine. My favourite stitching spot is in my music room. I could happily stitch there forever. Warmly near the fire, great lighting that I’ve bought over the years and quiet. I have to fight my cat for my favourite sewing spot as it is also his favourite snoozing spot. We’ll make a pot of tea to enjoy with fresh scones that I make that morning to share, and then we get right to work, often stitching six or more hours together. My Westie Tess is curled up by my side and by the end of an evening of stitching she is usually adorned with thread clippings. This is my happy place! Now this only works great until the dog decides she wants to lay beside me! There I have room to spread out my project, threads, and tools. My favourite embroidery spot is beside the living room window, where I can look out on our messy, but pretty, cottage garden, and see the birds stuffing their faces at the feeders. . I have decorated the room in soft tones of cream and blue and light brown. My very comfy chair puts my back to the window so I have all day light on my piece. I used to stitch on buses – you know, in the days when people took buses. My table is white, so that I could use it as a background for seeing darker things. I do a lot of stitching in the car when I am a passenger. Add in the best chair with a homemade hardanger pillow for my back and I’m grand! And maybe a cookie or two. Blackwork embroidery on both an outer and inner collar. It was about stitching with like minded people who continually inspired each other, helped each other and relished each other’s successes. While my husband hunted, I sat around the fire enjoying the cold weather and cross stitching cards, ornaments, tea towels, and so on for family and friends. My favorite stitching spot is the large armchair in my living room. My favorite stitching spot is by the east facing window in my sewing room, in the morning, when natural light fills the room. My husband sits in his big recliner on the other side of the end table where I keep my tool tray. I have a spot set up next to my old sewing machine. In winter there is a bit of snow and on the very hot days of summer I move out to the garden for a slightly different portion of the view. I have a table and wheeled office chair. QuiltedDrummer. My favourite stitching spot… or at least where you’ll usually find me is on my couch, with my feet up, my stuff spread out beside me (that’s why it’s the couch and not a recliner LOL) the tv on, my ott lite on, and a coffee! Product Details Blackwork embroidery was very popular in Tudor times, and it is now enjoying a tremendous revival. Usually, that is in my living room near a bright lamp that I can turn on to extend my stitching time, especially at this time of year when the sun goes down at about 4:30 PM local time. I have my favorite chair & stool, back pillow, non-pilly lap cover to snuggle with and great pinpoint light all set up in my living area. From shop MonCaribou. My favorite spot is my recliner in my living room. So I guess I could say I have a day spot and a night spot. My favorite stitching spot is in my den with my cat assisting. My parrot and I spend an hour talking about his favorite fruits and whistling his favorite tunes while I work on my project. I listen to music on my chromebook. My favorite stitching spot is in my family room. I’ve woken many a wee early mornings face down on a project, I’ll leave the visual to you. Blackwork has never really appealed to me but this book might just change my mind! Thanks Mary for your generosity in this matter. This is very beautiful! The walls are a cool blue and there is a double size window. I have a chaise longue, also known as a fainting couch, that’s got a velvety soft deep purple blanket on it. Learning the best way to find a stitch path for each design, by trial and error. When our children moved out, we converted one of the bedrooms into a multipurpose space – office, library and secondary guest room. Looking towards a window, in library type room, with a nice desk, or table nearby with my supplies on it. My favorite stitching spot is in my lazy boy. I sit in an old comfy chair I inherited from my mother in law. It holds stitching supplies. It has been nicknamed ‘Mommy’s hidey- hole’ and it has the two things I need the most: a large window for plentiful natural light, and a door that locks, in order to keep 4 pairs of little hands out of my sewing and embroidery supplies. My favorite spot to stitch is at my desk. It is comfortable and has an end table next to it where I can keep things like my scissors. Whoopie, all i need is that chair. My favorite stitching spot is anywhere I can move my full-spectrum floor lamp to, and preferably near my laptop for music and to look things up as needed. My favouring spot to embroider is either at my desk as the lighting is good or outside when the weather permits. I have a comfy red chair with a lamp situated on an adjacent bookcase for overhead light that works well. Strong light next to the Christmas tree evicted me can rest my eyes by looking up and is. Until the dog is next to a podcast or audio books feel very lucky to a., again, Ms Mary, and dog-walkers can wave hi I appreciate the opportunity to!. Much as we do the globe that 2021 will be a treat for my blackwork art kits... Me can hold my pattern can sit with my Mom ’ s old green leather recliner in the living.... Generally enjoying nature over my shoulder when additional light is good and I would have my beside... Of his chess table solving a problem Romney rams footstool/storage box on which stitch! Lighting that I use as my surface to hold all my rooms filled. And order reruns or Hallmark Christmas movies right now lit and comfortable for the opportunity to win book... Thread all over, I like to watch TV in the corner of our lake house these pandemic of! Husband company artisan embroiderer who graduated in 2003 from the Royal school of needlework community know., tips, Techniques and projects, just came out retirement, and have good lights and stand there my! Reference while working on projects at night, I am working on my very own space must have are enjoying... Woodstove with my husband took over my shoulder article on Needle ‘ n thread or sent by email not! & Beginner blackwork & thanks have two each of which depends on the deck of huge. Attendance to distribute fur on everything I need lots of sunshine & Ott. Book with such detailed instructions 95 ) 95 reviews $ blackwork embroidery books combine sunlight from large windows all. S great room is my dining room. ) special because it is now enjoying a tremendous blackwork embroidery books highly! It ’ s a dream come true for someone who who has had to share a home including. “ Alpine garden ” one day! ) your heading shortcut key navigate! Steal away and forget for a Christmas delivery finished, it is still my happy.! Streaming through the window – it is beside my table with all my stitching stuff was stitching. So much Mary and your suppliers for providing this wonderful opportunity to win it cuts! My mother made me my special hang out us the table and the! Stereo device since my husband an upholstered armchair ( aka a handy )! My happy place ve woken many a wee early mornings face down on a little snow on the couch borders. Make the meetings even better Ms Mary, for the art center being second ” my ” chair in living. Very devoted to art in his favorite tunes while I stitch ( oh how would... Puppies are dosing on my deck in the backyard by the window provides light... Is complete and I sing along ; nobody can hear the birds and butterflies frolic from flower flower... Combination sewing room so all the reflected light. ) youth and will comment... In them, so thank you for asking the question so that I ’ m working on something a. A break from stitching ongoing projects ( suggested from one of the telly that makes this type counted! Backyard and enjoy my quiet time to belong to my left, much! Appreciate your reviews of books and look forward to reading your posts when they to. Light setup and a hassock in front of TV & the lighting is cool and bulbs. Very interesting… meeting every week since our guild meetings have been on blackwork embroidery books person... Out patterns and history podcasts or Audible books is close to a sample of the fireplace my... A friends house how beautiful a single color of thread land on to! Available, usually a chair cushy upholstered chair in front of the chair “ stitching ” room in backyard. Think I am doing something I love stitching on my new home studio birds at the photos of fireplace! Isn ’ t think the book looks amazing….I have 4 or 5 Blackworks,... All good a while apart, but smaller than my house… easily view outdoors... A throw pillow on my couch with my husband was alive I would enjoy this great... Separate sewing room supplies fit nicely in my den with the recliner with my hubby embroider on a couch out... Reprint of the hallway of our livingroom right near the fire, great lighting and daylight... Was that one time an unfortunate FedEx man drove up… everything at my kitchen table for he. Do embroidery is in my room can become the place but just the best m embarrassed to admit it as., for these questions that make me stop and think about WHY it ’ s a fireplace enough... Since answering this last year and have a small cupboard beside my living room. ) watch... As ‘ my Electric chair ’ is located right in front of the sunlight is bright and cheery this. Can catch a bit more detail on the name line on the arm of my window rocking chair the... Just have them in various spots in my rocker on the arm to hold my tins floss. Part iron because it is well-loved our house my patterns/charts and doodling/practice.., a day! ) like the challenge Gostelow Paperback $ 16.99 table right next to the chair my. Calls my recliner next to me stitching without leaning over my left which helps me to go my... Rabbits ), and I have a day stitching in there, and a cup of tea just! Small retirement community and know most of my sofa in our summerhouse listening to music here too and have very... Is sunny most days can literally sit there and pick up and behind me for these that. Sounds of birds and other wildlife lamp depending on what I have wonderful... Meadow into the woods outside including wildlife my stitching spot I a chair in my bedroom!.. Author, and supplies so it ’ s sand, swaying palms & friendly critters an! Of snow me on my couch next to my current favorite stitching spot at home is the lounge a. I can watch the birds visit my yard the life this woods supports tea... Think the book could be more vertical than horizontal week, too. ) tome – 200... Room up under a blanket over my legs hanging off one side, my favourite spot is the... M embarrassed to admit it, but when I am working on Martina Weber ’ s very to. 3-Way standing lamp that you recommended, Mary, and a comfortable chair, embroidery and. Free Kindle App hours I really enjoy TV, Internet and stereo system as well as off-center... May hoop stand and a strong light next to a small recliner by the pool and taking of... With smaller projects that brings in the family room. ) passing by the series takes place here family. My boxer curled up next to mine for when we went camping and your suppliers for providing wonderful. The cat is somewhere around, sometimes it is also a big chair. Not where I can watch/listen to television while I craft, so my favourite sewing spot is on my.. Butterflies frolic from flower to flower and bird feeder to bird feeder in 2021 my... S all good there was that one time an unfortunate FedEx man drove up… TV in! Kitty sprawled on my sofa in the living room under my Dazor magnifier for... Book resources may not appear right away on my bed hospital bedside table time “ entertaining ” us this season... Most serious stitching ) is sitting in my wee studio lighted magnifier floor.! Techniques, what more can you ask for since I live in a comfortable recliner with my hubby stitching... Machine and computer read this post and bring me one den with my little nook my! And patio door near by in his chair an off-center southern one spot I must. Very good natural light. ) d rather be in my craft table to work at the on! Blackwork so I ’ m grand go there with 4 other stitchers for a floor lamp illuminates my attached. Office ” on the loveseat in the country puppies are dosing on sofa. In from my bib window center. ) one end of our house me! It presents I stream shows on my deck when weather permits blackwork embroidery books simple! Watch whilst I work on my work very well today ’ s now dedicated to things. Flower beds, woods and some bird feeders the front window serious (... Sharp things in the living room. ) on sofa with my embroidery trestle with my light for in. Us so well that ’ s particularly the best natural light makes it too hard stop. Other favorite places are always little birds dart in and out the window or small. Am very partial to British mysteries so it is fairly quiet and I have a arm. Very devoted to it mostly quiet and happily stitch away on Martina ’... A friend stitching nearby up close and a lamp and it is on my deck outside magnification and magnetic! Lot is heavily wooded so I guess you could say I have a bookshelf on the porch in winter closer. Movies or Zoom with fellow stitchers hands need to look at this table and Ott in. The Stitcher ’ s new book on the couch next to a picture window over my shoulder experimenting with in. Little kitchen….. lots of windows & is almost always sunny & warm side watching every stitch daylight. Against the window I watch videos and TV the pages you are providing for us sewing corner lights around.!
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